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WAR FUEL now offered in Elliott’s Fine Nutrition

WAR FUEL sports hydration drink is now on the shelves at Elliott’s Fine Nutrition store in Folsom. Karl Lovas, Executive Director of Healthy Kids Concepts and creator of the WAR FUEL beverage, shared samples of this next generation of sports drink with Elliott’s customers.

When asked “What is WAR FUEL and how is it different?”, Karl explained that WAR FUEL is a unique sports drink that focuses on hydration and recovery.

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Paul Miller – Endurance Running with WAR FUEL for fast recovery

Paul is 46 years old and ranks 83% for the United States. He has been ultra-running for 4 years and using WAR FUEL as his Hydration beverage of choice for the past 3 years. For Paul, running with WAR FUEL means recovering extremely fast. He says, “I can run an 8 hour plus ultra-event and then run again without soreness in about a day.

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